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The title of this Naruto Shippuden episode 238 is “Sai’s day off”. Sai contemplates the meaning of friendship. Enjoy this Naruto episode 238 and be part of our Naruto Forum for discussions.

Sai is an artist. When Sakura asks him what title he would use for his new drawing Nike Air Max Plus TN SE Uomo Nere Verde Saldi , he basically states that he can’t identify it as he has no feelings. Naruto, most likely sensation jealous Nike Air Max Plus TN Ultra Uomo Rosse Saldi , spits out “Your drawing… nothing special”. Sai responds coolly “a lot like your equipment”. This gets Naruto mad.

Sai walks close to the Hidden Leaf Village examining the carnage Nagato made when he attacked the village in an attempt to capture 9 Tails and take control of the planet. Naruto saved the village from Pain wraith but the destruction was evident. Sai strolling via rubble notices a minor girl looking for her doll. Sai warns her that the rubble might cave in and hurt her.

Discovering a treasure, wild flower growing in the midst of all the rubble Nike Air Max Plus TN Ultra Uomo Metallic Oro Saldi , Sai sits down to paint. Youngsters asked that he displays them his paintings. He tried to clarify that his paintings are not for display and demonstrated 1 of his methods making cat, rabbit and a squirrel. Kids started out combating over ripped pants and Sai was reminded of Sakura and Naruto. Sakura as soon as punched him since he explained that he didn’t significantly care for Naruto. One if the kids ask Sai who Naruto and Sakura had been to him and Sai answered comrades. Really don’t you mean friends? Right here Sai began thinking about the friendship that Sasuke and Naruto have.

Remembering speaking to Sakura Nike Air Max Plus 97 TN Ultra Donne Rosa Saldi , telling her about a curse mark… Sasuke being the source of Naruto’s agony. Sakura having emotions for Naruto set out to kill Sasuke to unburden Naruto from obligation to preserve Sasuke. Exactly where would Sai stand in all this if he was a true buddy? Is he?

Naruto picked a fight with Sai once. It was short as Naruto cloned himself to Yamato to cease it. Naruto explained to Sai that the cause why he needed to fight him was to learn how he fights as this would boost their team’s odds if they ended up attacked. It’s a buddy technique. Naruto then recommended for Sai to find out how to make a much better use of Naruto’s power.

Sai felt that Naruto was deeply committed to getting Sasuke back. Even when no 1 supported Sasuke any lengthier, when all hopes ended up missing for their friendship Naruto’s feel remained untethered. Sai recognized how critical it is to have faith in men and women. Sai understands that there is an unbreakable bond in between Sakura Nike Air Max Plus TN Uomo Gialle Nere Saldi , Sasuke and Naruto. Sai hopes to a single day also have these kinds of bond.

In up coming episode of Naruto Shippuden 239 we’ll get to see Kosuke, the eternal genin again. The title of this episode coming out following Thursday December eighth is “The Legendary Ino-Shika-Cho”.

Glen Boyle is a freelance writer for magazines and entertainment websites like TailedFox discussing manga such as “Meaning of friendship – Naruto Shippuden 238” and other. This is a review of Naruto Shippuden episode 238 on TailedFox Anime News Blog.

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