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The NFL offseason is a time that fans

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PostWysłany: 13 Sie 2019 10:23    Temat postu: The NFL offseason is a time that fans Odpowiedz z cytatem

The Chicago Bears might be here to stay Josh Bellamy Jersey , and that pisses a lot of people off."of all thirty-two teams can start fresh with a clean slate and squarely focus on the coming year. I think it’s fitting that an NFL offseason truly ramps up the excitement in the springtime (with free agency and the NFL Draft), because the saying “hope springs eternal” can shoehorn its way into football fans vocabulary for a few months. And I know that phrase has nothing to do with the yearly seasons, I just like the play on words. Fans of good teams can dissect how their team can build off their previous season’s success to come out stronger than ever. They can imagine how a tweak here or a tweak there can keep their team on the right path towards the postseason. For fans of crappy teams, this means it’s a season of retooling. So what if your favorite team is coming off consecutive losing seasons and the current offseason has been littered with drama. Who cares if your quarterback is 35-years old with a recent history of injuries. All it takes is some pricey free agent signings and a new draft class, and high expectations are back again.Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty ImagesThis brings me to the 2019 Chicago Bears, the defending NFC North champions. It’s been a while since the Bears had any sustained success, so would you consider the Bears among the NFL’s top teams? We’ll know for sure this fall, but for now the arrow is pointing up. The betting odds makers are nearly unanimous in calling the Bears the favorites to win the NFC North again, and their Super Bowl odds are usually lingering around the top five from most sports-books. Some would lead us to believe the Bears lucked into their 12-4 record. But for fans that actually follow the Bears, we’ve watched general manager Ryan Pace methodically transform the franchise from a laughing stock — and yes, it was that bad — into a team that other franchises want to emulate. The Bears are returning 90% of their starting lineup. Only one projected starter is currently 30-years old. The culture around the franchise has made Chicago a destination for free agents. The last few drafts have provided All-Pros, Pro Bowlers, and some damn good football players. While there were a few players that had career years in 2018, there are plenty of others that has their best football in front of them. Some would lead us to believe that the 2018 Bears are in for a fall back down the standings, but their reasoning usually revolves around the illogical premise that ‘there’s no way the Bears can do it again,’ or the suddenly popular, ‘Mitchell Trubisky is bad.’The first one is just ignorant, and the second one borders on trollish. Look, I get it, the perception that the Bears “reached” for Trubisky will never die, and the fact that he’ll always be linked to league MVP Patrick Mahomes will always hang over his head, but Trubisky played good football in 2018. Is there room to improve? Most definitely. His accuracy , which was higher than Mahomes, Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, and Russell Wilson, just to name a few, could stand to improve. Even though he hit on 66.6% of his passes, he wasn’t always hitting his receivers in stride. He was learning a new system and he was working with several new players, so that’s something that takes time to master. His command of the overall offense was also a work in progress, but the improvement from week one to week seventeen was a beautiful thing to witness.I’m not the biggest believer in using only stats to gauge a player, but when considering this was Trubisky’s first full year as a starter in the NFL, and he ended up ranked 16th in the traditional passer rating and third in ESPN’s QBR, then where do the ‘he’s was bad’ takes come into play?If anyone actually watched every snap of Trubisky in 2018 and still came away thinking he’s not an ascending player, then I question their football acumen. When the only metric used to judge a 24-year old signal caller as a “bad player” is a grading service, then I question the graders themselves. I expect fans of rival teams to try and shit on the Bears, but when NFL “experts” fabricate things that support their personal biases, then that’s a problem. There are a lot of media members that were wrong about the 2018 Chicago Bears and that eats away at them. They can’t stand being wrong, and their egos are driving their narratives about the possible 2019 version of the Bears. They can’t wait to be right again if the Bears slip, but deep down they know that’s not likely and that tears them up. So their next step is to try and drum up social media support so when they’re proven wrong then they can all be wrong together. Misery loves company, so here’s to making the other thirty-one fanbases miserable in 2019. Let’s hear from the fans!"WhiteFanposts Fanshots Library FalcFans Podcast on The FalcoholicContact The FalcoholicFalcons StoriesScheduleRosterStatsYahoo Falcons NewsYahoo Falcons Team PageYahoo Falcons ReportYahoo Falcons Depth ChartYahoo Falcons TransactionsYahoo Falcons PhotosOdds About Masthead Community Guidelines StubHub ✕The Falcoholic’s Falcons Fan Spotlight: Mike NewtonLet’s hear from the fans!ESTShareTweetShareShareThe Falcoholic’s Falcons Fan Spotlight: Mike NewtonGreetings, Falcoholics, I’m back with another edition of The Falcoholic’s “Fan Spotlight.” This segment highlights Atlanta Falcons fans from around the globe, and shares how they became a fan of the team and their thoughts on the franchise. This week’s Fan Spotlight is on Mike Newton Womens Sherrick McManis Jersey , a 42-year old father of two from Raton, New Mexico. Mike currently resides in Colorado Springs, where he has lived for the past 21 years. Growing up in New Mexico, there’s obviously no NFL teams nearby, so he had to choose a team that he could relate to and stick with them. In 1990, a player named Deion Sanders caught his eye, and he’s been an Atlanta Falcons fan ever since. He loved everything about Prime Time, that “bad boy” attitude of his, and it molded him into a hardcore fan. Who is your favorite Falcons player of all-time?I have many favorite players, Deion Sanders, Julio Jones, Tim Dwight, Terance Mathis, and Deion Jones, but my favorite all-time is Roddy White! I loved the way Roddy played, he wasn’t the biggest receiver but he played with so much passion, and he was a great route runner. I will never forget the touchdown catch he made against the Seattle Seahawks in the playoffs. Roddy burned Richard Sherman (who was probably the best cornerback at the time) and then Roddy made sure to trash talk Sherman that he got burned. That play hyped me up so much, I will never forget it! It’s shame we never got Roddy a ring.What are your thoughts on the 2019 offseason?I agree with all the players that we released so far. Although it’s sad to see Matt Bryant go, it had to be done. I am not sure about keeping Vic Beasley, but we will see. The Falcons really need to fix the offensive and defensive lines. If the Falcons fix both of those, I truly believe we will be a contender again.What are your thoughts on Dan Quinn so far?I know some Falcons fans may disagree, but I really like Dan Quinn. I feel a lot of the Falcons short comings last year were out of his control Charles Leno Jersey , in regards to injuries and poor-play calling. Last year was their first losing season under him, and the guy is 3-2 in the playoffs – that’s more than we can say about Mike Smith. With that being said, if he has another losing season this year, it will be time for him to go, this team has way too much talent to have another losing record.Favorite Falcons memory?Obviously the two NFC Championship games we won, but one of my favorite memories is when we ended the Carolina Panthers’ perfect season in 2015. It was the day after Christmas, and the Panthers were 14-0 with the Falcons being huge under dogs. I will never forget the touchdown catch Julio made. I was in Albuquerque for Christmas and I was wearing my Falcons gear, and everywhere I went people said “Go Falcons!”, “How about those Falcons?” It was like the Falcons just won the Super Bowl! I was also playing against Cam Newton in my fantasy championship and I won, so that was a cherry on top. It felt so good to ruin their perfect season!What would you like to tell your fellow Falcons fans?This is a funny story I like to tell people. When we found out our second child was going to be a boy, we really loved the name Cameron. Well my last name is Newton, therefore his name would be Cameron Newton. All I can think of was people associating him with that bum Cam Newton, so we immediately scrapped that idea. I despise Cam Newton!! Finally, to all my fellow Falcons fans: I have met a lot of you in many different places. I must say that every single Falcons fan I have met was like meeting a new friend, or a long-lost family member, I love my fellow fans. Rise Up!!I appreciate Mike for sharing his thoughts on the Falcons, and for being the focus of this weeks ‘Fan Spotlight’ article. If you’d like to connect with Mike and discuss how inaccurate Cam Newton is, you’ll find him on Twitter at @Mikey2180.Additionally, if you’d like to be considered for a future ‘Fan Spotlight’ or know of someone who deserves to be, let me know on Twitter where you can find me at @EvanBirchfield. Thanks for reading!
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