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every game from here on out for all we know

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Dołączył: 03 Kwi 2019
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PostWysłany: 07 Sie 2019 03:44    Temat postu: every game from here on out for all we know Odpowiedz z cytatem

NFL waiver wire rules: How it works Marvin Jones Jersey , who’s eligible, 2018 priority order Now that the initial roster cuts are over, it’s time to look towards the crowded waiver wire. Per the NFL transaction list, nearly 1,000 players were waived on Saturday alone. That’s a ton of players for teams to try and stash on their own rosters, if desired. But if several teams want a player, who gets him? Several cut players were “released” not “waived.” What does that mean? And when do players get claimed? We’re going to answer all those questions right now.What is the waiver wire and how does it work?When a player is cut from a team, but they don’t have four years of accrued seasons in the NFL, they are officially “waived.” That means they do not immediately become free agents. They, instead, are put on waivers for a select period of time—typically 24 hours, but it may be longer if it’s a weekend. While a player is on waivers Darius Slay Jersey , any NFL team can put in a claim for them. At the end of the waiver period for that player, of the teams that put in a waiver claim for the player, the one with highest priority gets rights to him. If a player goes unclaimed they are officially a free agent free to go anywhere. Teams can also sign unclaimed players to their practice squads. However, if you claim a player via waivers, he must go on your 53-man roster. How is it different from released players?Veteran players with four or more seasons played in the league are not subject to waivers. If they get cut, they are “released” and immediately become free agents free to sign wherever they please. For example, of the six players we think the Lions should sign after cut day, Brian Robison, Marquis Flowers and Michael Johnson are all 4+ year veterans and are now free agents. However, the rest of the crew has been waived and must go through waivers first.Of the players the Lions cut this year, the only ones not subject to the waiver wire are Jonathan Freeny, Wesley Johnson Matthew Stafford Jersey , Sean McGrath, DeShawn Shead, Cam Johnson, Dexter McDougle, and Sterling Moore. 2018 waiver priorityAs previously mentioned, if there are players that have multiple teams putting in a waiver claim for them, they are awarded to the team with the highest priority. From now until Week 3 of the regular season, waiver priority is simply determined by 2018 NFL Draft order (before trades). So the Cleveland Browns have highest priority, the Philadelphia Eagles have lowest priority, while the Detroit Lions are 20th in line. After Week 4 of the regular season, waiver priority is determined by NFL standings—the worst teams have the highest priority.Claiming deadlineFor roster cuts weekend, teams must put in their waiver claims by 12 p.m. ET on Sunday Tracy Walker Jersey , September 2. The NFL will announce which teams were awarded which players shortly thereafter.Lions vs Patriots: What Just Happened? Welcome Lions fans. Some days the football gods just smile upon you, man. The Lions entered Sunday Night Football with everyone against them. Nearly every single analyst and nearly every single fan had the Patriots destroying the Lions on national television... except me, that is. I’ve never been more proud to tell you guys “I told you so.” The Lions went out and shocked the world by beating the defending AFC Champion New England Patriots 26-10. As always, I have thoughts on this game. These are those thoughts. 100 Yards!!Yeah we’re celebrating the most pedestrian of accomplishments tonight. The Lions finally did it. The ghost of Reggie Bush is gone. No more ESPN and Fox graphics coming across the screen to remind us. It’s over. Kerryon Johnson finally got the bulk of the carries on Sunday night and he showed that he could be a big star soon when he ran for 101 yards on 16 carries. He averaged 6.3 yards per carry. No, I’m not kidding about that. Just for tonight, Matthew Stafford is The GOATJust let me have this one. Don’t correct me and don’t tell me it’s wrong. Tonight it’s the real deal. Let’s act like the interception never happened. No, screw that - it did happen. And what made Stafford’s night even more impressive is that he rebounded and kept putting the pressure on the Patriots defense all night. Guys, he completed 75 percent of his passes. Stafford may not be the real GOAT, but when it comes to beating the Patriots on a Sunday night in September, there’s nobody better. Can we talk about this defense?Seriously think about what this defense just did. This hodgepodge defense put together a complete game and held Tom Brady to under 200 yards and only one touchdown. He completed 53.8 percent of his passes and had a passer rating of 65.1. Your Detroit Lions did that. Darius Slay also came up with this huge pick during a time that all of us were sitting on our couch sweating in fear of the Lions losing this game by some crazy comeback. It keeps getting better. They held the Patriots to just 89 rushing yards. Yes, this defense. If you missed the game, this isn’t some kind of sick joke. They really did this. They also got two sacks. This is what an offensive line looks like when it worksThe Lions offensive line gave Matthew Stafford all the time he needed on Sunday night. That’s a big reason why the Lions were able to move the ball so efficiently Da’Shawn Hand Jersey , and that is something the Lions have been missing for a long time. They also allowed the Lions to pick up 159 yards on the ground. Again, that’s something the Lions have had a big problem doing.They weren’t perfect though. They did allow Stafford to get sacked that one time. But worse, they committed a lot of penalties that just continue to hurt the Lions offense after they make a big play. This is theme that needs to end. Really, that’s my only complaint of the night.Matt Patricia’s first win is a signature oneI can’t tell you how the rest of this season is going to go. The Lions might lose every game from here on out for all we know. But what I can tell you is that this has to make Lions fans feel a whole hell of a lot better than they’ve been feeling the last two weeks. Think about it. This guy went out and out-coached his former boss and embarrassed him on national television. Matt Patricia became a Jedi on Sunday night when he defeated the biggest Sith Lord of them all. Only time will tell if Patricia is Luke Skywalker or if he’s his worthless father pre-loss of limbs and cosmetic surgery. Well if Bill Belichick is in fact Darth Vader, he’s got sand in a place he really doesn't want to have it tonight. I’m talking about his oxygen supply line. Get your heads out of the gutter. The Sweetest Of WinsWelcome back Lions fans. Your pain of the last weeks is more than likely completely gone. Again, we don’t know what’s going to happen in the upcoming weeks. But right now, go ahead a strut into work on Monday morning. Go ahead and tell your boss that you’re going to get a job like his one day and embarrass him at the company picnic. Go ahead and dance the dance of victory. Right now, there is no better song to dance to than this one.
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