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PostWysłany: 26 Lis 2019 04:34    Temat postu: Khalil-Mack-Jersey Odpowiedz z cytatem

Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty ImagesAt (7-3) , the Chicago Bears are off to their best start since the 2012 season, which is also the last time this team has had a winning streak of four games. For as big of a statement win as Sunday night was, the Bears now head to Detroit on a short week to face the Lions, in what could end up being a deciding factor (for Chicago) in who wins the NFC North. A win on Thursday for the Bears would not only give them an (8-3) record, but would also put them in prime position to be at least 2 games up in the win column with five games left.Even so, Bears fans should enjoy Sunday night’s win. In what was the biggest game for this franchise in at least the last five years, the home team finally came through and delivered that “statement game” many doubters had been calling for over the last few weeks.With just six games left in the regular season, this team looks primed for a spot in the playoffs for the first time since 2010. For more on this week’s mailbag, let’s just dive right in.I don’t, personally.I know the popular comparison for Mitchell Trubisky right now is Blake Bortles, but I just don’t see a lot of parallels. Yes, they are both inconsistent at times, but Trubisky is surrounded with about six different dangerous targets, a good offensive line and most importantly, an innovative head coach that happens to be offensive-minded.I think the Bears have done a much better job of placing pieces around Trubisky early in his career, but the big difference is between the two coaches. He wasn’t good last year and was a large work in progress due to John Fox. There’s no denying that. But, the amount of strides he’s taken this year and some of the “wow” throws he’s made, lends me to believe his ceiling is higher, but more importantly, his floor is much safer.Also, don’t forget about the athleticism that Trubisky brings to the table. After 11 weeks of football, he leads all NFL quarterbacks in rushing yards. Not only does that add extra value in the stats department and give opposing defenses more to account for, but his ability to throw on the run is something that gives him an element that not many quarterbacks in this league have.My original pro comparison for Trubisky was a more athletic Matt Ryan and I’m sticking to that. Albeit, I think the second-year quarterback has a better arm.I’ve received quite a few questions about Trubisky, but this one was one the better ones that covered all of the bases regarding his latest performance.Trubisky didn’t have a great game last night but even so, his progression from Week 1 on the same stage against the Packers to what we saw in Week 11 was quite the upgrade. It’s also best to keep in mind that the second-year quarterback has now faced four of the top 10 defenses in the league over the course of the season.Yes, Trubisky needs to play better and being consistent from week-to-week is a big part of that Trey Burton Color Rush Jersey , but I don’t think he was awful by any means last night. His first interception was a fantastic throw but not a great decision into triple coverage. His second was partially on him, but don’t overlook Allen Robinson being bullied on his route and flat out giving up on the ball.Consistency is something that has lacked in his game to start off his NFL career, but that’s 100% to be expected at this point. They are 10 games into a new and very complex offense. The fact that he is making the majority of the calls from the line and still putting his team in a position to win on a weekly basis cannot be understated. The consistency aspect just requires time and patience — as hard as that may be for a lot of us right now with a guy like Patrick Mahomes lighting it up in Kansas City.A lot of that starts up front with the team’s interior offensive linemen. I think to a certain extent, we witnessed Nagy try to get Howard more involved and with some success against the Vikings. All the East to West (jet sweeps, etc) we saw to start the game, makes defenses think more and not be able to stack their linebackers in favorable positions close to the line of scrimmage to shut down those inside zone runs.I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I don’t think Howard is a great fit for this offense, but I do think that Nagy will continue to get creative at the start of games to help Howard create better success up the middle. The big key in that is knowing when to stop and that was something the Bears were a little late on in the second half on Sunday night.I’m not sure he’ll ever truly get going to what we are accustomed to seeing but he should be at least serviceable for the remainder of the year.To be fair, Coach of the Year is decided strictly on regular season games. So, what the Bears would do in the playoffs would have no bearing on the voting process.From the perspective of him winning that honor as a whole, I think he has as good a shot as any coach, but keep in mind that there are currently a pair of one-loss teams that have dominated the NFL. Granted both of them made the playoffs last year, but it will really depend on the angle of the voters. If they value a (5-11) team going from worst to first over candidates like Andy Reid, Sean Mcvay or Sean Payton making big steps, then it could work in Nagy’s favor.As far as Trubisky gaining national respect, until he starts putting up games like Week 4 or Week 10 on a national stage, he isn’t likely to get the type of positive attention most fans are hoping for. It’s also worth keeping in mind that many of his critics have already written him off, so those same people swallowing their pride to admit they are wrong is going to take a lot. Trubisky has an uphill climb in that department. The good news? Outside opinions don’t decide football games or determine careers.All-Pro? Probably not.Pro Bowl? Absolutely.I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that Eddie Jackson may be the team’s best defensive back, even with the recent uptick in play from Kyle Fuller and breakout season from Bryce Callahan.Jackson’s presence on the back end has not only become something that we can rely upon, but also someone that we can count on big plays from. That’s something this team hasn’t had in quite a while but even so, I still think he’s another big year away from any All-Pro consideration.Anthony Miller finds himself in the same situation that every other Bears pass catchers does right now. Each week seems to feature a different player. Whether that means a 100-yard day or Trubisky’s go-to target in big situations, it seems like Nagy’s game plan allows for new players to flash each week.With that being said, Miller’s role has grown considerably since his return from the shoulder injury he sustained in Week 3.When looking at his targets over the past four games (not counting Sunday’s weird game), Miller has averaged (6.5) targets per game, which is a big uptick from his first three games, in which he averages (3.67) per game. His role from a week-to-week standpoint may not be consistent, but he has three touchdowns in his last four games and is gaining more of a rapport with Trubisky each week. Miller’s future is bright.This is a great question and one that thoroughly screwed over Akiem Hicks just a year ago.For whatever reason, the NFL’s position designations for their ballots has never made much sense Cody Parkey Jersey , especially when you’re talking new aged schemes where positions like nickel corners and five-techniques are more of a norm than they were 10 years ago.Last year, Hicks was classified as an edge rusher, instead of a defensive lineman, which hurt him because he didn’t have nearly the sack numbers or overall flash as a true edge rusher that’s primary job is to get after the quarterback.Now, you’ve got Callahan who has been one of the better corners in the league as a whole, but since he plays a position where it’s not considered a part of a traditional “base package” defense, he’s left off the ballot. Being that this is the NFL running the voting, I think that someone with a bit more knowledge on modern day defensive schemes and concepts needs to step in and stop snubbing good players out of this honor.I’m not really sure there’s a right answer for this question.If you’re looking at it from a purely standings perspective, you’re best bet is to root for the Packers. With a Bears and Packers win, Chicago would then have a two and a half game lead (basically three due to both team’s ties) with five games remaining. That would mean that either one of the Vikings or Packers would have to go 5-0 with the Bears finishing at 2-3 or worse, in order to win the NFC North.If you’re looking at it from my perspective, I’d still rather not see Aaron Rodgers in the playoffs over Kirk Cousins.There’s a strong possibility that if the Bears win the division, they’ll be facing the sixth seed, which is likely to be either the Packers or more likely, Vikings. When looking at it from that point of view, I’ll take facing Cousins at home 100% of the time over having to see Rodgers again. Rookie Mini-Camp is on, including kickers who miss a lot (including a left upright doink). Fun times at Halas Hall." The Bears DenNotesXs and OsSuperfansThe Bear’s Den, May 4, 2019New,33commentsRookie Mini-Camp is on, including kickers who miss a lot (including a left upright doink). Fun times at Halas Hall.CDTShare this storyShare this on FacebookShare this on TwitterShareAll sharing optionsShareAll sharing options for:The Bear’s Den, May 4, 2019TwitterFacebookRedditPocketFlipboardEmail2019 Chicago Bears rookie camp attendees. Photo courtesy the Chicago Bears.Chicago BearsA video that explains the Bears kicking situationBEAR DOWN, CHICAGO BEARS, BEAR DOWN!!!!BEARRRSSSS / FREE AGENCY / DRAFTStankevitz: Bears' kicking competition begins with Cody Parkey's double-doink squarely in focus- NBC Sports Chicago - All eight of the kickers at Halas Hall for this week's rookie minicamp attempted a kick from 43 yards to end practice. That's the same distance from which Cody Parkey missed in the playoffs four months ago.Stankevitz: Bears cornerbacks Duke Shelley and Stephen Denmark are learning new positions in their own way - NBC Sports Chicago - Stephen Denmark and Duke Shelley are a pair of cornerbacks the Bears drafted in the late rounds. Both are relatively new to the position.Neveau: Chicago Bears Put Kickers Through Interesting Cody Parkey-Related Drill Friday - NBC Chicago - The Chicago Bears held their first practice of rookie minicamp on Friday afternoon at Halas Hall, and while the focus may have been on getting youngsters acquainted with the team, another competition will likely...Mayer: Bears put heat on kickers in first practice - - Coach Matt Nagy vowed to put the kickers competing for a job with the Bears in pressure situations in practice , and he delivered on that promise Friday during the team's first rookie minicamp workout.Mayer: Canadian star focused on earning Bears job - - Although Mathieu Betts was selected with the third pick in the CFL Draft Thursday night, the outside linebacker from Montreal is focused on competing for a roster spot with the Bears, beginning at this weekend’s minicamp.Medina: The Bears Had All Eight Kickers Try from Cody Parkey Range … Only Two Made It - Bleacher Nation - The first test didn't go so well for most of the guys kicking.Medina: The Packers Have Applied to Host the NFL Draft in 2022 - Bleacher Nation - After seeing the NFL Draft become a weekend-long party, who wouldn't want to host? Ken's Note: Can you imagine how awesome it would be if 200,000 people (like Nashville had each day) showed up for a draft party in Green Bay (GB Population: 105,116)? Yeah, I can't either. Both motels in town would fill up, even the dumpy one there next to the paper mill. All of the fine dining establishments in Green Bay (Subway, Taco Tico, The Dairy Ripple, etc.) would be packed. Man, they would put on a draft like nobody else ever would, right? Right? Ken's Note's note: Green Bay is smaller in population than Elgin, and only about half the size of Aurora.Medina: The Bears Might Have Pulled a Fast One on the Bills Over Draft Weekend - Bleacher Nation - The Bears tried making a trade with the Bills, but ended up dealing with Buffalo's AFC East rivals instead.Medina: Notre Dame's Justin Yoon Joins the Eight-Man Kicker Carnival at Rookie Mini-Camp - Bleacher Nation - Justin Yoon has a unique prospect pedigree, which he'll try to channel in order to win over on-lookers at Bears rookie mini-camp.Bears kickers still can’t convert from 43 yards out - - At the first day of Chicago Bears rookie minicamp, coach Matt Nagy held a kicking competition and the kickers with no NFL experience went a combined two for eight.Finley: Bears rookie RB David Montgomery through his coaches’ eyes - Chicago Sun-Times - Recruiting after a 3-9 debut season, Iowa State head coach Matt Campbell came back from dinner on a Friday night in January 2017.Warning! Eight kickers tried ‘The Cody Parkey’ at Bears rookie camp Friday. Six missed. - Chicago Tribune - The Bears have eight kickers working at this weekend’s rookie minicamp. The competitors: Chris Blewitt, Elliott Fry, Redford Jones, John Baron, Casey Bednarski, Justin Yoon, Spencer Evans and Emmit Carpenter. It’s a microcosm of the franchise’s desperation to solve their biggest headache.Kane: 5 things we learned at Bears rookie minicamp Friday, including Duke Shelley’s move to nickel and Matt Nagy’s first impression of David Montgomery - Chicago Tribune - Bears sixth-round draft pick Duke Shelley said he doesn’t think the transition to nickel cornerback will be difficult.Letizia: Why the Bears Took a Chance On Duke Shelley in Round 6 and How He Fits on the Team - Chicago Audible Blog - Duke Shelley has plenty of intangibles that led to the Bears selecting him in the sixth round, but how does the CB fit on the team?Oh No: Mitch Trubisky ONLY Puts Ketchup on His Hot Dogs - Bleacher Nation - C’mon, Mitch ... you’re better than that!POLISH SAUSAGEBills were thrilled when Giants took Daniel Jones – ProFootballTalk - The Bills didn’t know how the first round of the draft would unfold in front of them , but they did know one thing: They wanted to see more than one quarterback off the board in the first eight picks.KNOW THY ENEMYNFL executives weigh in on Detroit Lions’ 1st, 2nd-round picks - Pride Of Detroit - A look at what NFL insiders thought of the Lions’ early draft picks.What impact would losing in Week 16 have had on the Packers’ 2019 draft? - Acme Packing Company - A loss in the high-scoring affair would have given Green Bay a higher draft selection, but would the team have picked any differently?Rashan Gary requested Clay Matthews’ No. 52 – ProFootballTalk - Clay Matthews appeared to disapprove of the Packers' re-issuing his No. 52 so quickly after his free agency departure to the Rams. After the Packers tweeted out a photoshoped image of Rashan Gary wearing Matthews' old jersey, Matthews replied, “The body’s not even cold yet lol.IN CASE YOU MISSED IT ON WINDY CITY GRIDIRONWiltfong: Bears hire Jamie Kohl as a kicking consultant - Windy City Gridiron - The Chicago Bears have hired Jamie Kohl of Kohl’s Professional Camps, a service that trains kicking, punting and long snapping, to serve as a kicking consultant for the 2019 season. Householder: Which Chicago Bears draft pick will contribute day one? - Windy City Gridiron - In our latest roundtable, WCG writers discuss which draft pick will make the biggest impact this year (and beyond)Wiltfong: Trubisky talks advice for rookie QBs, offseason throwing, his nicknames, and more - Windy City Gridiron - Earlier today on the Dan Patrick Show, Chicago Bears’ quarterback Mitchell Trubisky called in to discuss a number of topics, and one of which was what advice he has for incoming quarterbacks. "I...Infante: Art of the route - Riley Ridley brings route-running expertise to Bears’ offense - Windy City Gridiron - In an X’s and O’s breakdown, we take a look at what makes Ridley such a good route runner.Wiltfong: Bears announce their undrafted free agents signings - Windy City Gridiron - The Chicago Bears have announced their undrafted free agent signings in advance of this weekend’s rookie mini-camp. There are a few changes from what was reported and shared in our free agent...WCG CONTRIBUTORS BEARS PODCASTS & STREAMSWindy City Gridiron Podcast Channel which includes Bear With Me from Robert Schmitz, Bears Over Beers featuring Jeff Berckes & EJ Snyder, and T Formation Conversation from Lester A. Wiltfong Jr.; Steven’s Streaming Twitch Channel from Steven Schweickert; and Robert Zeglinski’s The Blitz NetworkTHE RULESWindy City Gridiron Community Guidelines - - We strive to make our communities open and inclusive to sports fans of all backgrounds. The following is not permitted in comments. No personal attacks, politics, gender based insults of any kind, racial insults, etc.The Bear’s Den Specific Guidelines – The Bear’s Den is a place for Chicago Bears fans to discuss Chicago Bears football, related NFL stories, and general football talk. It is NOT a place to discuss religion or politics or post political pictures or memes. Unless otherwise stated, the Den is not an open thread, and profanity (including profanity only stated in pictures) is prohibited.Click on our names to follow us on Twitter:WCG Contributors: Jeff Berckes; Patti Curl; Eric Christopher Duerrwaechter;Kev H; Sam Householder; Jacob Infante; Aaron Lemming; Ken Mitchell; Steven Schweickert; Jack Silverstein; EJ Snyder; Lester Wiltfong, Jr.; Whiskey Ranger; Robert Schmitz; Robert Zeglinski; Like us on Facebook.
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